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Growth in new businesses South of the Fraser River

Economy »  Surrey leads the way in new incorporations South of the Fraser River

Counting incorporations – the creation of a business – is one way to measure future economic growth.

Stats BC has recently released BC Incorporations by Development Region, Regional District and Municipality, a table of incorporations from 1990 to 2012.

Pulling out communities South of the Fraser River (Delta, Surrey, White Rock, The Township of Langley and the City of Langley) we can see a robust growth in the creation of new businesses in Surrey over the past 22 years. Hover over the lines to see individual data points.



That's not really a surprise. It's interesting to note how flat the other communities are, but bear in mind these incorporations are represented by the municipality of the registered office address. This may differ from the actual location of the business.


How does this sub-region of Metro Vancouver compare with the rest? The following chart adds up all the communities South of the Fraser together, creates another sub-region called North of the Fraser which includes cities from Burnaby to Maple Ridge, and adds in Richmond and Vancouver as their own entities. I've ignored the North Shore.



Of course, these divisions are arbitrary. Note that South of the Fraser incorporations are, by 2012, half of Vancouver's. This highlights the continuing importance of Vancouver as the business centre of the Lower Mainland.


Gee, how much of the GVRD incorporation pie does Vancouver take, compared to Surrey and the rest of the team on the other side of the river?



And, just one more graph, here's how important this area of B.C. is to the overall economy:



To sum up: Vancouver is still the economic powerhouse of the region, at least when it comes to incorporating new businesses, but Surrey is helping the region South of the Fraser increase it's importance, both here and provincially.


Info on South of the Fraser River: Surrey, Delta, White Rock, City of Langley, Township of Langley, Fort Langley. Maybe a bit of Abbotsford, just for fun.

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