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Total number of building permits from 1998-2012 South of the Fraser River

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Twice as many building permits in 2012 than 1998

With a few peaks and dips in between, there were roughly twice as many building permits issued in 2012 (5,378) than 1998 (2,545).

BC Stats has compiled a variety of building permit data from Stats Canada recently. This is the third in a series. I recently did Building permits South of the Fraser River - the last 25 months, and Total building permits, in dollars, from 1998-2012 South of the Fraser River. This post looks at the total number of building permits, from 1998-2012. That's a pretty long view.

Here's the source of the data. If you like poking through CSV files I highly recommend looking through the information BC Stats compiles.

The charts below have some interactivity. If you hover over a point the data will pop out. Unfortunately, it doesn't work consistently on mobile devices, so I'll show them as regular graphics at the end.

First, just looking at the communities South of the Fraser River, Delta, Surrey, White Rock, the Township of Langley and the City of Langley we can see the scale of planned construction over 15 years:


For some context I collected a few subregions together. "South of the Fraser" are the five communities we just looked at. I put Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge into "North of the Fraser", and left Vancouver and Richmond on their own. These groupings are pretty arbitrary, but I think they sort of fall in how most people view these areas. 

Communities South of the Fraser River have lead other areas in issuing building permits since 2003, albeit with two exceptions (2004 and 2012). Notice the odd fluctuations in Vancouver's numbers, at least compared to other groupings. 

How does all this building compare with the GVRD and British Columbia as a whole? The following graph shows the number of permits South of the Fraser compared to the GVRD's total (in blue) and British Columbia (in red). 

This chart shows the region's growing importance to not just Metro Vancouver, hovering close to 30%, but also the province: almost 20% of all permits come from this area.


And now, as promised, the graphs as static images:

 Number of building permits South of the Fraser 1998-2012

Comparing subregions building permits 1998-2012 

South of the Fraser building permits as a percentage of the GVRD and BC 


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