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Top manufacturers in the Lower Mainland: overview

Manufacturing doesn't play a huge role in the Lower Mainland's economy, but unlike other activities it's more evenly distributed.

Business in Vancouver published it's annual list of the Top 100 Manufacturers in the Lower Mainland on March 20, 2012. Unlike other lists, Surrey has a significant portion of the companies listed. Companies are ranked on number of employees.

In fact Surrey rated it's own mini list of 15 companies; but Delta and Langley were also singled out (10 companies each), making this one one of those rare lists where a significant portion of the ranked companies are south of the Fraser River.

I've pulled the totals from each city and compiled the following chart. Hover your cursor over a piece of pie (mmmm, pie) to see the total number of employees and city name:

You'll notice how the top manufacturers are spread fairly evenly over the whole area.

Let's simplify it even more and combine communities north of the Fraser in one packet and communities south of the Fraser in another. Since I don't know what to do with Richmond (it's kind of in the middle), I'll leave it on its own:

North and South are almost dead even.

Note that this is not all manufacturing in the Lower Mainland, only the largest manufacturers by number of employees.

The even distribution of these largish employers probably speaks to the even distribution of transportation lines and infrastructure. It would be interesting if we could map this over time to see if there was a general move eastward, for example.

In a follow-up article, I'll look at the companies on the list a bit closer.


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