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Biggest construction companies in B.C. South of the Fraser

Seven of the 20 largest construction companies in B.C. are from South of the Fraser river.

Business in Vancouver newspaper compiled a list of the 20 largest companies, ranked by 2011 billings on July 10, 2012. Although they're based here they're involved in projects as diverse as RCMP headquarters, the BC Place roof and hospitals and highways around the province.

Here they are, by community:



Graham Construction & Engineering Inc
7216 Brown St, Delta V4G 1G8
Rank: 6 with $170 million in billings



Metro-Can Construction Ltd
10470 152nd St Suite 520, Surrey V3R 0Y3
Rank: 7 with $100 million in billings

Mainroad Group
17474 56th Ave, Surrey V3S 1C3
Rank: 8 with $98 million in billings

B&B Contracting Ltd
19429 54th Ave Suite 100, Surrey V3S 7X2
Rank: 10 with $86 million in billings

LMS Reinforcing Steel Group4
6320 148th St, Surrey V3S 3C4
Rank: 15 with $72 million in billings



Britco Structures3
21690 Smith Cres, Langley V2Y 2R1
Rank: 13 with $74.017 million in billings



VanMar Constructors Inc
30701 Simpson Rd Suite 101B, Abbotsford V2T 6Y7
Rank: 17 with $39.9 million in billings

Building permits: Comparing Surrey, South of the Fraser and Vancouver

Total building permits issued 1998-2011

How does building activity compare between Surrey, other communities South of the Fraser River, and Vancouver City?

Building permits are often used as a proxy for confidence in the economy. Unlike other economic indicators, a permit is a request to do something in the future. The builder, presumably, would not be willing to risk the investment if they didn't think they could get a return on their investment. Here's a link explaining economic indicators.

B.C. Stats has released several data tables for building permits issued. Taking Total Building Permits 1998-2011 (download the CSV file here) I've pulled out a few lines to make some graphs. Hover over the graphs to see individual data points.


Read more: Building permits: Comparing Surrey, South of the Fraser and Vancouver

Surrey has more licensed commercial vehicles than Vancouver

The number of commercial vehicles registered in Surrey continues to rise.

Despite a small dip from 2010 to 2011 the number of licensed commercial vehicles rose from 35,459 in 1999 to 48,508 in 2011.

Contrast this to vehicles registered in Vancouver: 35,586 in 1999 to 32,519 in 2011.

These statistics come from B.C. Stats, via ICBC.

It's hard to know what to make of this. Does it signify a shift of manufacturing and distribution away from Vancouver?

The other area south of the Fraser that was included in the statistics was Abbotsford, which has also seen a steady growth of commercial vehicles. It's increased from 15,934 in 1999 to 20,160 in 2011.

Here's a handy chart. Hover your cursor to get the number.

Biggest Metro Vancouver festivals and cultural events South of the Fraser

Surrey and Langley host six of Metro Vancouver's 30 biggest festivals and cultural events.

Business in Vancouver has published its annual Biggest Metro Vancouver festivals and cultural events list May 15, 2012. Events are ranked by attendance.

On the list are:

Surrey Canada Day
Cloverdale Millennium Ampitheatre
Ranked number 10 with 110,000 attendees in 2011

Surrey Fusion Festival
Holland Park
Ranked number 13 with 90,000 attendees in 2011

Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair
Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition Grounds
Ranked number 15 with 77,000 attendees in 2011

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival
Fort Langley
Ranked number 20 with 40,000 attendees in 2011

Surrey Party for the Planet for the planet
Central City Plaza
Ranked number 29 with 12,000 attendees in 2011
Note: The Surrey Now quotes the city as saying "more than 10,000" for 2012 [source].

Surrey Tree Lighting Festival
Central City Plaza
Ranked number 29 with 12,000 attendees in 2011

Biggest graphic design firms in B.C. South of the Fraser River

Which of the biggest graphic design firms in B.C. are South of the Fraser River?

Business in Vancouver published it's Biggest graphic design firms in B.C. April 24. It's ranked by 2011 revenue.

In it we find the only one graphics firm on the good side of the river:

RKW Communications Inc
7298 Hume AveDelta V4G 1C5
P: 604-940-8650
Rank: 12, with revenues of between $1-3 million 

Their specialties are listed as "Packaging graphics, brand development, corporate communication"


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