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Biggest printers in Metro Vancouver South of the Fraser

Which of the biggest printers in Metro Vancouver make their home South of the Fraser river?

Business in Vancouver published it's Biggest commercial printers in Vancouver list April 24, 2012. The top 25 companies are ranked by gross revenue in 2011.

In it we find:

9344 192nd StSurrey V4N 3R8
P: 604-888-6333
Rank: 10, with revenues of $11.8 million

Abbotsford Printing Inc
34346 Manufacturers Way Suite 6Abbotsford V2S 7M1
P: 604-850-2777
Rank: 17, with revenues of $1.5 million

Printfastic Printers Ltd
13049 76th Ave Suite 103,Surrey V3W 2V7
P: 604-572-1133
Rank: 20, with revenues of $687,000 

Business in Surrey: a quarterly report from Business in Vancouver

Bollywood, cattle farms, Dragon's Den and Morgan Crossing featured

Business in Vancouver has just published on March 27, 2012 their quarterly Surrey Report. I try to summarize their product since it won't have a high online profile and gives a sense of what the greater metropolis is thinking is going on this side of the river.

I've included the links to the stories, but you'll need to be a subscriber to access them. The stories themselves are not new, or unfamiliar to those who follow local issues, with the possible exception of the investments in cattle farm market information.

This is how Vancouver business sees Surrey.

Hurray for Bollywood
Surrey bid to become an India film centre could prove a tough audition

Cattle farms welcome beefed-up projects
Federal-provincial investments pay for consumer education and improved market information for producers

Surrey hopefuls try out for Dragons' Den
More than a dozen small businesses audition at college campus for their chance to cut a deal on popular TV show

Surrey's sweet spot
Planned as a lifestyle shopping mall, Morgan Crossing tapped a suburban craving for urban amenities

Biggest web and software developers in B.C. - South of the Fraser River

Compare and contrast industries: over a third of the Lower Mainland's largest manufacturers are south of the Fraser River, but only a few web and software developers.

Business in Vancouver released both it's Biggest B.C. web-development companies and Biggest software companies in B.C. lists on March 27, 2012. Both are ranked by number of employees. Both have 25 companies on them.

How many of them are in Delta, Surrey or Langley?

Only one web-development company:

DotNetNuke Corp
9440 202nd St Suite 211, Langley V1M 4A6
P: 650-288-3151 F: 604-881-0050
Rank: 11, with 25 employees

A few software companies:

FinancialCAD Corp (FINCAD)
13450 102nd Ave Suite 1750, Surrey V3T 5X3
P: 604-957-1200 F: 604-957-1201
Rank: 17, with 107 employees

Safe Software Inc
7445 132nd St Suite 2017, Surrey V3W 1J8
P: 604-501-9985 F: 604-501-9965
Rank: 18, with 93 employees

TMW Systems Canada Inc5
20486 64th Ave Suite 200, Langley V2Y 2V5
P: 800-663-0626 F: 604-533-8562
Rank: 19, with 90 employees

Three in a row, that's nice grouping!

Interestingly enough, Richmond has seven of the 25 companies on the software list. How did they attract this sector?

Top manufacturers south of the Fraser

Who are the top manufacturers South of the Fraser River?

Business in Vancouver recently published their 2012 version of the top 100 manufacturers in the Lower Mainland. Companies are ranked by number of employees. A previous post looked at how communities south of the Fraser fit into the overall picture.

I've taken that list, pulled out the companies in Delta, Langley and Surrey and compiled them into this mini list of 35 companies.

Interestingly, the top two are for 'bird' parts: man-made ones that can fly and natural ones that can't.

Read more: Top manufacturers south of the Fraser

Top manufacturers in the Lower Mainland: overview

Manufacturing doesn't play a huge role in the Lower Mainland's economy, but unlike other activities it's more evenly distributed.

Business in Vancouver published it's annual list of the Top 100 Manufacturers in the Lower Mainland on March 20, 2012. Unlike other lists, Surrey has a significant portion of the companies listed. Companies are ranked on number of employees.

Read more: Top manufacturers in the Lower Mainland: overview


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