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 mushrooms on a stump

It's easy to imagine Alice in Wonderland scenarios, talking caterpillars and all, when all sorts of mushrooms start poking their way through the forest litter. They appear suddenly as soon as it gets cold and wet, and then quickly disappear until next year.

A recent walk through the Green Timbers Urban Forest showcased a variety of fungi. I don't pretend to know all the varieties, but it's a delight to slow down (if the dog will let me) and peer in close at these bizarre plants. 

In fact, the part of the mushroom we can see is the fruiting part of the plant. Fruit here means the part that sends out the spores. You and I both know mushrooms are vegetables. The rest of the mushroom is called the mycelium. That lives underground, feeding on the dead plant life in the soil. According to Wikipedia (and it's on the interweb so you know it's true) some of these can grow huge and live for thousands of years.

For surface-dwellers like us it's interesting to think there's a whole world of underground plants tying together all the parts we see above ground.

mushrooms on a stump 










 Map of Green Timbers Urban Forest


 The Green Timbers Urban Forest has a parking lot off 100th Avenue. There are plenty of well-marked level trails. This mushroom walk took less than an hour. I've circled the area in red above.


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