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The bunnies of Quibble Creek

Bunny in the grass 

Purists will point out the correct name is Quible, with one 'b', after the family that homesteaded in this area. Poo-poo I say, Quibble with two 'b's is far more descriptive!

However, the area we're looking at isn't even on the creek, it's a little above, between 100th Avenue and Fraser Highway, on the Quibble Creek Greenway. The greenway, in this section, runs under the BC Hydro right-of-way and is bordered by a thick hedge of blackberry brambles.

Those horrible invasive thorny plants are key for what must be a healthy population of rabbits in this section.

In the late afternoon, just in time to take the dog for his evening walk, the rabbits can be seen on the mowed edge, between the asphalt of the walkway and the hedge of the blackberries. They mostly appear to be sitting or chewing on grass. I'm not a bunny expert, but their brown and brown markings and small ears suggest to me they're native rabbits and not domesticated varieties that have gone feral. They're mostly small. If you could catch one you could hold it comfortably in two hands.

I've taken to counting them, at least the ones I can see (no point in counting the ones I can't see). There's usually between five and seven in this small section. Once I counted nine.

The greenway is well-used by bicyclists, pedestrians, and people walking their dogs. Throughout it all the bunnies sit and stare, barely moving until some invisible line is crossed. Then, in a flash, they're gone into the brush.


How to find them:

The Quibble Creek Greenway runs North/South, parallel to King George. It's about one block West of 140th Street. From the King George Skytrain Station head East, down Fraser Highway. The greenway will rise up on your left about three blocks away. Head-up and keep an eye out for the bunnies.

Quibble Creek Greenway


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