South of the Fraser

Surrey, Delta, White Rock and Langleys

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Sunnyside » an accessible urban forest in South Surrey

 Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest entrance on 24th Avenue

There are two urban forests in Surrey: Green Timbers and Sunnyside. An urban forest is considered a park, but is left in a more natural state. Both Green Timbers and Sunnyside have areas that are off-limits to humans. That may not keep the hobos out, but it does limit the number of dog-walkers.

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Barnston Island

A bit apart » Barnston Island

 Barnston Island ferry dock


If you take 104 Avenue in Surrey as far East as you can go, over the Freeway and past the tracks you'll end up on ramp to the Barnston Island Ferry, about level with 179 Street.

To your left is Surrey Bend Park, a Metro Vancouver regional park. They're in the midst of building some trails there. To your right is a sawmill. There can't be too many of those left in the Lower Mainland. On one hand: undeveloped nature; on the other: resource-based industry. And straight-ahead: Barnston Island.

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Washing away » an old dump under the Patullo Bridge

Surfacing » the Brownsville dump

Brownsville park at low tide


Just below the Patullo bridge on the banks of the Fraser River is Brownsville park. Three bridges cross over to New Westminster at this point: the old train bridge from the 1900s, the Patullo from the 1930s and the Skytrain bridge from the 1980s. This is also the spot of one of Surrey's earliest settlements, Brownsville. Now it's a post-industrial area with a trailer park, a pub and park that gently slopes down to pleasant beach on the river.

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Mushrooms in the forest

Explore » Green Timbers Urban Forest

Fairies houses and apartments spring up in the Fall

 mushrooms on a stump

It's easy to imagine Alice in Wonderland scenarios, talking caterpillars and all, when all sorts of mushrooms start poking their way through the forest litter. They appear suddenly as soon as it gets cold and wet, and then quickly disappear until next year.

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