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Albion ferry crossing at Fort Langley

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Fort Langley's Ferry wharf

The ferry stopped operating in 2009, but the old wharf is still there, at the end of the long straight road out of Fort Langley over McMillan Island. We stopped by on a Fall afternoon, a perfect day for nostalgic reminiscing of innumerable crossings. Wikipedia has a page on the ferry here.

Fort Langley ferry wharf 

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Railbed and King Creek Trails in Green Timbers urban forest

Another part of the Green Timbers urban forest is hidden on the other side of the Fraser Highway. And inside, cut off from the main park by not just the highway, but a few streets and a greenway, is a set of paths.

You'll need a car to get to this trail or a decent pair of feet. It's mid-way between 140 and 144 Streets, and between Fraser Highway and 92 Avenue. The trail is easy to access once you're on the Green Timbers Greenway. If you're driving, park at one of the 92 Avenue cul-de-sacs.

The big picture -- the legend covers up the popular part of Green Timbers park

The red line goes from King George Skytrain Station (top left) along Fraser Highway. The Green Timbers area is bounded, more-or-less, between 140 and 148 Streets, West to East, and 100 to 92 Avenues, North to South. It's bisected by 96 Avenue (West to East), the Greenway (sort of parallel and a bit to the South), and Fraser Highway (at a diagonal).

That little bit of trail between 96 Avenue at Fraser Highway and the greenway is called the Cascara trail. It's easy to spot if you're walking.

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Quibble Creek Greenway: a variety of urban paths

City Greenway plan for Quibble CreekGreenways are still rather new in city planning. The term was coined in 1995, and the idea of planning urban pathways that don't pander to the automobile still seems fresh. Here's an overview of greenways in Wikipedia [].

Surrey has been developing a network of greenways. The city has an advantage over, say, Vancouver, in that there are still undeveloped right-of-ways under some of the power lines, as well as existing informal footpaths running along creeks and behind developments.

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