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Celtic Fest 2013 at the Surrey Museum

It was Celtic Fest on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the Surrey Museum.

The third Saturday of every month is Discover Saturdays, from 1-4pm. The brochure promises "family-friendly explorations of culture and history". 

Off to the side were tables with various celtic organizations including the Irish, the Welsh and a Scot in a kilt holding a musket. I must have missed the pipers (there's always pipers), but we managed to catch a set from Steel School of Irish Dance.

Steel has a studio in Cloverdale, and do quite well in national and international competitions. If I remember correctly they've placed fifth internationally last year, and second nationally.

Not being a dancer, or Irish, I found it difficult to get the gist of what they were doing, but it seemed to involved lots of fast coordinated foot work. I couldn't help but think the sport would be more interesting if the shoes were  a contrasting colour to the black floor. Then poor eyes like mine would have a better chance of appreciating all the clickety-clacks of fast-moving feet. But no matter, other people seemed to recognize the skill.

 Exhibits at Celtic Fest


 Irish Dancers in a line


Interestingly enough, considering the violent history, there was an exhibit (from the Winnipeg Museum) about Vikings. People often think of celtic art (those intricate intertwined creatures) as peculiarly Irish, but, as the first object makes clear, that style had roots in older celto-germanic styles.

 Viking stone


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