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Crazy parking lot

parking lot


Everytime I get groceries at PriceSmart I marvel that I have never seen an accident in this crazy, crazy parking lot.

We're looking at the corner of King George Highway and 102 Avenue here. PriceSmart and Canadian Tire are at the top. There's a McDonald's and Chevron gas station in the lower left, and that's good ol' Whalley Boulevard (newly repaved!) curving around on the right. There's also an A&W at the bottom right.

The gas station and McDonald's are isolated from the rest of this block, so we can ignore them. It's the way the rest of the lot is laid out that's spectacularly confusing.

Of course, a birds-eye view is different. We can see all the lines, and Google Maps has helpfully delineated the routes we're supposed to take. And, really, most of the routes make sense.

But things are different on the ground, especially if you're not familiar with the lot or if you're willing to cut corners.

I've marked "E" for the four entrances. Note how everything converges near the centre. There are a few stop signs there, but the odd placement of a tree creates a bizarre jag. There aren't any curbs either. That's great for maximizing parking but makes for an unclear intersection. If you're coming from the bottom it looks like anyone coming from the lower Whalley Boulevard entrance is cutting across the parking lot. If you're coming from that entrance you have to be aware that anyone coming from the bottom entrance won't realize you're on a lane.

Complicating matters is that A&W's drive-through is easily accessed by cutting across the diagonal. Not to mention the pedestrians!

Anyway, it makes for an exercise in attention.


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