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The shopping carts of Quibble Creek

Waiting for pick-up: a shopping cart waits for someone who needs a quarter


You need a quick 25 cents. Where to get it? You could beg, or you can return a shopping cart or two and collect the deposit!

A good spot to find a few of these career-changing sources of income is Quibble Creek, a creek in North Surrey that runs from about 96th Avenue just East of King George to 88th, where it joins the mighty Bear Creek.

A recent perambulation alongside this coursing waterway revealed four shopping carts just waiting for an entrepreneurial bum to reclaim and get a buck. The carts were distributed from just shy of 96th (our introductory picture) to about a block north of 88th.

Shopping cart number 2: it looks like it may have been tossed from the small bridge

A small foot-path crosses the Quibble close to 92 Avenue. It looks like this has been used as the site to demonstrate feats of strength. Note the variety of objects next to this blue cart above.

An awesome throw? Cart number 3 is just a bit further downstream 


 I'm pretty sure both these carts were tossed from the bridge because the banks are inpenetrable with brush and blackberries. This may make reclamation difficult, but hey, a quarter is a quarter!

 Cart number 4: Perhaps the salmonids like it for a fishy fort


 Don't forget to wear your boots if you're planning to pick these babies up, and don't disturb the stream bed: fish spawn here.


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