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O Christmas Tree


There's a Christmas tree in the middle of Tynehead regional park.

A decorated chrstmas tree in the middle of the park - Photo Jan 2013


 I'd like to know what the story is. It's tempting to imagine someone furtively planting their Christmas tree one January, and then returning every year to redecorate.

It's been here for a few years, but usually I only see one or two baubles.

This year they brought out the bows! I suppose eventually the rain and nature will render them into slime and moss-covered artifacts, cunningly camouflaged as part of the tree, but for now it looks quite festive.

Note the quality glass santa ornament guarding the trunk.

The tree is at the Western end of the off-leash dog area, on the East bank of the Serpentine river. It's on the trail that leads down to the fish hatchery.


Summer's last huzzah? Festivals and community picnics

Perhaps this was it. Perhaps this was the last nice weekend of the summer. Certainly the weather office thought it would start clouding over, with rain by Sunday.

Planners can't see what the weather will be like, and neither, so it would seem, can the weather people. Saturday was beautiful. Hot. Sunny. A perfect summer day.

The weekend of September 8 and 9 was busy for outdoor activities: festivals, open houses and community picnics.


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Blackberry season starts

The first fruit of the year -- blackberries along a fence


Possibly the most delectable of the wild fruit, the Himalayan blackberries are ripening everywhere.

What's astonishing is how few people go out to collect them.

The Himalayan blackberry is an introduced species and is very invasive, so don't feel guilty if you have to trample all over the brambles.

I find the fruit ripens at the end of the cane first and works its way down. The best fruit is always up top, just out of reach. Careful you don't overextend and fall in!

Nothing compares to a slightly over-ripened blackberry, so soft it can barely hold itself together, warmed up by the sun and falling gently, almost of its own accord, into your hand.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on the blackberry.

Bees bumbling among the clover at Tynehead park

It takes a bit of patience to get a decent bee shot. They're small, move erratically and are surprisingly quick. It doesn't help if you're also walking a small hyperactive dog on a leash.

Despite this I managed to get a few in focus at Tynehead park.


Bee on clover - Tynehead park


Off to another


The yellow tribe bees


Diving into that clover


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