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Fleetwood Memorial United Church Yard Sale

Looking for a real bargain at the yard sale

Tis the season for yard sales. Fleetwood Memorial United Church, at the corner of 88th Avenue and 156 Street, has one every year just before Mothers' Day.

This year that fell on May 12, a Saturday if you're keeping track. There was a good turnout. Brian, in charge of the plant section, said there were people showing up at 8:30, a full hour-and-a-half ahead of the official 10 am opening time.

The weather may have had something to do with it. Spectacular and sunny it was perfect for rummaging through vintage games or pondering if you really would ever use that fondue set (what a bargain!).

Ferns unfurling, trilliums uncurling

Ferns and trillium unfolding on the forest floor


I took the photo above at the beginning of April. In it you can see ferns unwinding up from a tightly curled spiral and trilliums starting to unfold.

Today (April 20), on the same walk the trilliums were in bloom and the ferns well on their way to summer heights. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me for a before and after shot.

Here's another shot of the trilliums. These are on the top of an old stump.

Trillium uncurling from winter on top of a stump from the original forest 


Both these shots are from Green Timbers park, on the north side of 100 Avenue.

Salmon berry flowers are out

One of first flowers out in Spring are the salmon berries.

salmon berry flower

Soft and delicate, these small purple-pink flowers aren't much bigger than a thumb-nail. In a few months they'll turn into salmon berries.

 salmon berry flower

Salmon berry bushes grow wild along the sides of road or in semi-cleared areas of wooded areas. 

salmon berry flower

salmon berry flower

Gardenfest 2012

There's something of a predictable pattern to these sorts of events: a row or two of organizations' tents, staffs eagerly looking for interested people, and -- if you're lucky -- some sort of refreshment.

Gardenfest was lucky: the North Surrey Lions were there whipping together breakfast sandwiches.

Register here - The information tent at Gardenfest 2012


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