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Another dead salmon

On the banks of Quibble Creek

I'm not sure I believe this one. I found this largish salmon (about 18 inches, less the head) on the banks of Quibble Creek, waay up to where it trickles out of ditches and culverts and becomes a stream. That's around 96th Avenue close to 140th. It's just behind Surrey Memorial hospital.

I would never have thought they could get up this far.

But here it is and slowly working its way into the humus feeding the alder and cottonwood.

A few questions niggle at the back of my brain. Why only one? Why haven't raccoons, coyotes or crows torn it apart yet?

And how did it get so far up the bank? Did a storm raise the water enough to throw it 20 feet from the stream? Or was it dragged there?

Zellers Family Restaurant

Burger and fries presentation. Classic.

This isn't a food or restaurant review. Or maybe it is, sort of, but only incidentally. It's more about using space and creating an environment.

I stumbled across Zeller's in-store restaurant at Central City by accident and immediately realized that it was a gem.

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Beyond Vague Terrain: an opening at the Surrey Art Gallery

"Did you call a cab?" The Surrey Art Gallery on January 14


I was late. I missed the first remarks at the opening of Beyond Vague Terrain: The City and the Serial Image at the Surrey Art Gallery January 14, 2012. 

Interestingly, it had just snowed the evening before, and sporadically through the day. It was the first snowfall of the year, not very deep, but enough that the parking lot was dusted with white, as were the trees, muffling the sound of traffic from King George Highway.

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