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Urban screen: electric speed opening at Chuck Bailey

Hot chocolate? Opening night for Electric Speed at the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre

Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre. Friday. December 2, 2011. 5:50 pm, but in winter, when the sun sets at around 4 or 4:30 it seems like 8 pm. At least it's not snowing.

And that's what it says on the side of the rec centre. "At least it's not snow."

The whole wall has words, headlines, splashed in projected light over it.

It's opening night. There's a table, covered in blue cloth. Hot chocolate sits in a snug dispenser. Insulated. a tray of chocolate cookies. And literature. Four neat piles of papers and brochures. I stare at the wall. I glance at the table. The woman in red sees an opportunity.

"Are you here for the opening?" she asks.

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Photo: Bear Creek

Bear Creek, south of the playing field

I took this picture in October, before the wind, before the cold and snow, before the leaves turned and fell.

To reach this part of the stream, follow the path south of the playing fields. In the open area next to the power line cut there are a few "party trails" leading to spots like this.

Be careful not to disturb the stream bed. It's tempting to wade in and start picking up rocks to make a dam or bridge or just look for little critters. But don't. That's no longer acceptable behaviour.

Oh, the humanity!

Municipal election 2011: a buzz in the air

The excitement has been building for weeks.

Every day, as I compiled the "What are people tweeting about Surrey" post I saw hundreds of election-related posts. Most of them were from the candidates, a few about issues, and every now and then a whole series about an all-candidates meeting.

Caught up in the frenzy I even created a product that followed the #sryelxn hashtag, as well as the politicians I had collected on Twitter.

And now, the big day.

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Where the Quibble meets the Bear

Quibble Creek meets Bear Creek

This is where the redoubtable Quibble (right) meets the majestic Bear (left).

From here the Bear meanders through it's eponymous park to find it's way (eventually) into the stately and noble Serpentine, and from there to the Pacific Ocean.

But here, near the beginning, the verdant shores shelter this gentle flow past playing fields and picnic spots, past hide-outs and secret party places.



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