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Central Parkway: "my favourite street in Surrey"

Central Parkway in Surrey with bus"This is my favourite street in Surrey," my wife said as we turned onto Central Parkway, the street the Surrey Central skytrain station is on.

I nearly laughed out loud.

We've only been living in Surrey for a few months. I grew up here and my concept of this street is informed by all those memories (lo these many years) of a rather sketchy bus loop. Not to mention all the bad press, especially in the 1980s of Whalley gangs who'd harass innocent bus passengers (never mind they were really high school kids looking for a handout). But P. is a migrant to the coast. To her this is all new.

And so is this street, now called Central Parkway.

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Blackberry season in full tilt

Blackberries! Hobos' scourge! Free fruit!


It's that time of year again, where with a bit of foresight and a few buckets you can scrounge up enough free fruit within Surrey for jelly, desserts and have enough frozen to last until next year. A delicious, easy-to-make dessert is at the end of this article.

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Movies in the park recreates that 'drive-in' summer feeling

It's sort of the same as going to a drive-in movie, but maybe even better.

The Surrey Downtown Business Improvement Association (here's their event page) has organized Movies in the Park every Saturday in August this year (2011). Shown on a big inflatable screen at Holland Park, the movies are kids movies. the whole event is geared towards young families, although I saw several clumps of teenagers and young couples there as well.

movie in the park, in the dark

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Berry season - salmon and huckleberries

It's huckleberry season again!


Small and tart, huckleberries seem to love growing out of old stumps. Sometimes you can find the bush on the ground too. Apparently they like damp acidic soil, which makes those old stumps ideal! (source: Wikipedia)

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