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Surrey Central goes 'Gingham Style'

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Part installation, part park at the centre of Surrey

 Gingham styl pop-up park at Surrey Central


It's over now, but during the summer temporary parks are popping up all over the place! Cities across North America, and perhaps further afield, are creating temporary spaces for citizens to sit.

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Cloverdale rodeo 2014

Here's a Storify compilation about the Cloverdale Rodeo:

Patullo bridge replacement public consultation

Stupid infographics » Patullo replacement options

 bridge replacement options

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People on Income Assistance South of the Fraser River

Social Studies » Income assistance recipients

Highest percentage highest in the City of Langley

I guess it's one stat you don't brag about.

BC Stats has released a table of Income Recipients 19-64 for various areas and districts in the Province. It covers from December 2005-December 2012, which is a nice chunk of time to work with. If you like numbers it's worth downloading and noodling around with. Numbers are the percentage of the total population.

I've pulled out the communities South of the Fraser River (Delta, Surrey, White Rock, the Township of Langley and the City of Langley). Hover over data points to see the real numbers.


To put this in context the following graph takes the top two cities, Langley and Surrey, and adds in Vancouver, the GVRD as a whole, and the entire Province.

It would be interesting to find out why both Langley City and Surrey are consistently so much higher than average. The turning point for Langley seems to have been in September 2007. Surrey rises above Vancouver for the first time in December 2009. Surrey's rate stays high but follows the general trend. Langley, on the other hand, seems to follow it's own path.

Who's being measured with this data? Here's the footnote from BC Stats:

* These figures include only a subset of those receiving Income Assistance under the BC Employment and Assistance program.  INCLUDED are those on Temporary Assistance (Expected to Work, Expected to Work - Medical Condition, Temporarily Excused, Persistent Multiple Barriers).  EXCLUDED are those on Continuous Assistance (Persons with Disabilities), Children in the Home of a Relative and OAS/Seniors. A  recipient is defined in these reports as 'each person living in a family or living alone that is receiving basic Income Assistance'. Data does not include Aboriginal people living on reserve.



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