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It seemed like a fun idea at first: create simple infographics about things South of the Fraser. The report summarizing the consultations over the Patullo replacement options had just come out and it had lots of numbers and the possibilities for graphs and what-not. It seemed like the perfect subject!

The report is 56 pages of pretty dense text. If you're interested in the Patullo or public consultation processes it's well worth a read. Grab it here:

Most media were content to summarize one finding: people in New Westminster seemed to prefer moving the crossing over to Coquitlam, while those in North Surrey seemed to like the present location just fine. Of course that oversimplifies things. A lot.

I tried breaking things down a little differently, by the different methods used to gather opinions, but quickly got hung up on the grey areas. In particular, questions asked respondents if they strongly favour, somewhat favour, neither favour nor disfavour, somewhat disfavour or strongly disfavour six of 25 possible crossing options. That's a lot of options and nuances of preference. Saying 52% were in favour of one particular option ignores how much they preferred it. It's possible some options would have an overall tepid approval, while others would have a set of rabid fans and equally rabid detractors. I think that's important to reflect -- somehow.

On top of this, the summary report also listed areas of concern that were brought up independently by participants. Those kinds of concerns can't be summarized by one giant number.

So I quickly gave up. I wasn't about to reproduce the report's already decent charts, dozens of them, just for this.

But, not willing to just throw the whole thing away, here's what I came up with:

Patullo replacement options 


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