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It's fireworks, not gunfire: Halloween in Surrey

After several murders and stabbings since summer it's not unexpected: people are going to make a connection between fireworks and other loud noises.

What sorts of jokes were being bandied about this past halloween and diwali?

@alissasadler I'm in Surrey...cant distinguish between fireworks and gun shots any more :s convinced myself its all part of the festivities



AMarkwart  2:20web

Can see lots of fireworks going up from my office in Surrey. So glad @danudey is home with my neurotic puppy.

donnamatrix  22:04Tweetbot for iPhone

dog sure doesn't like all these fireworks they are banned in surrey right? @surreycity @surreybc #votescc2011

rsrs99  21:40web

Laying down with my 2 year old son so that he'll fall asleep - #Surrey sounds like a war zone! #fireworks

OliviaJonesQMFM  21:38Twitter for iPhone

Good to see police enforcing fireworks bylaw in #Surrey BC.

richsong  20:34Twitter for BlackBerry®

man lots of fireworks going off here tonight, it sounds like gunfire. wait. this is surrey, it could be gunfire! hit the deck!

Al_Bundy_1959  20:07web

@TheCityofSurrey I thought fireworks are illigal in Surrey? Well there sure is A LOT of them going off non-stop!! Since 6:30pm!

TheRealDJSpecs  19:36web

Any retail fireworks stores in the Langley-Surrey-White Rock area?

BMGAuto  13:48ÜberSocial for BlackBerry

@Bhupinder09 @jagdeeper In Surrey I'm sure the fireworks could be heard on all streets

uthinkyuknowme  6:47web

@JillyCroft surrey? It's Diwali... My street LIT up with fireworks. #onlywhitepersononmyblock

jennhass_  23:19Twitter for iPhone

That's not fog you see in Surrey, its smoke from the fireworks #diwali

Van_city_Nucks  22:20Twitter for BlackBerry®

I was just about to send out a very hateful tweet towards the people of Surrey for lighting off fireworks. Then I remembered it's Diwali.

g_faqiri  21:37Twitter for BlackBerry®

Isn't it illegal to shoot fireworks in #surrey then other on halloween? #diwali #fireworks #newton

scotth26  20:43Twitter for BlackBerry®

So many fireworks going off in Surrey right now. I wonder what's up? #hmmmm #cautiouspanda

singingsin  20:27Twitter for BlackBerry®

is that fireworks.. or gun shots. =\ #surrey

loupapa  20:06TweetDeck

every kid from surrey is selling fireworks... #messagethem #loljk

r_jawandha  16:06Twitter for BlackBerry®

I'm new to #surreybc I guess no fireworks this year! Surrey and Delta have strict conditions for using fireworks.

James_Bayley  12:44Twitter for iPhone

Plan for a safe Halloween: Surrey and Delta have strict conditions for using fireworks. #surreybc

surreyleader  9:46twitterfeed


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