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Maybe Surrey isn't growing that fast after all

Rise of the condos: even with rapid growth Surrey won't have more residents than Vancouver very soon

This is so disappointing.

I'm sure we've all heard that not only is Surrey bigger than Vancouver, but as Canada's fastest-growing city it will soon have more people too.

Where did that come from?

Gordon Price, on his blog pricetags has poked through the data from B.C. stats (nifty tool, check it out), and using their projections comes up with a different story. Surrey is growing faster than Vancouver, but Vancouver is still growing too. According to B.C. stats in 2011 Vancouver has 664,825 residents. Surrey will surpass that number in 2028 (17 years), but by then Vancouver will have 781,743 residents. By 2036 Vancouver will still have more people, though not by as much as now.

Of course, perhaps B.C. stats has it wrong...

Here's a chart of the data from 1986 (presumably actual numbers) to 2036 (projection):

Click on the line to see the year and number


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