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An interesting conversation about transit priorities

Transit fracas on Twitter

I love a good debate! And there's nothing like transit to get people's blood boiling. That and tolls.

Mayor Watts' State-of-the-city address March 12, 2012 reiterated the call for light rail in Surrey. Here's a link to the Vancouver Sun article. In brief, the argument is buses aren't efficient enough.

Vancity Buzz, a sort of lifestyle blogazine, wrote a post March 14 called Morning Buzz: Surrey’s Unwarranted Transit Plea. The argument here was there were other priorities (ie the Broadway corridor), and Surrey should wait it's turn for major infrastructure. Here's the link to that piece.

Interestingly, both the Sun and Vancity Buzz used the same handout image. It's a nice shot, but says something about the paucity of images to illustrate abstract thought. 

Here are some of the tweets that ensued, in reverse chronological order. I'm assuming much of the conversation is missing. Tweets have to include the string "surrey". I've also included the tweets that linked to Watt's address for a bit of colour and context.

@VancityBuzz Far more buses running in Vancouver that run every 5 mins, while we in Surrey have to wait a MINIMUM of 20 between. Surrey 1st!
 MsLilDvl  - 22:58


#Surrey wants rapid transit now! We tell them to be patient. #UBCLine first then Surrey.
 VancityBuzz  - 22:15

@mostlydana @VancityBuzz I live in Surrey and would KILL for half of the transit of any other gvrd city...except Langley
 WhatsForLunchBC  - 19:45

#Surrey - Surrey's mayor renews call for light rail, regional tolling strategy
 BCHeadlines  - 19:45

@WhatsForLunchBC @VancityBuzz Ha, thx! I work in Surrey so aware of situation there. It desp needs help (Langley, too) far more than we do.
 mostlydana  - 19:41

Disappointed in @vancitybuzz transit post. Cred lost in first para + I don't even live in Surrey (live in Van).
 mostlydana  - 18:18

@VancityBuzz @_teelee_ @whatsforlunchbc That's ur opinion + u could have expressed that w/o lame/immature comments re: #surreybcresidents.
 mostlydana  - 18:8

@mostlydana @_teelee_ @whatsforlunchbc if you read the post you'll see that surrey has to wait until current demand is met :)
 VancityBuzz  - 18:0

Surrey's mayor renews call for light rail, regional tolling strategy
 jessicamcilroy  - 17:51

Surrey’s @mayorwatts renews call for light transit for booming population
 FVREB  - 16:27

Surrey’s mayor renews call for light transit for booming population but will she spend any of her $200million surplus?
 wavetop  - 15:1

@TaraFoslien@MayorWatts live on CKNW now talking about Light Rail Transit for #surreybc - it's about shaping & connecting communities!”
 MayorWatts  - 13:30

Surrey's vision for rapid transit. Cities south of the Fraser desperately need rapid transit.
 robertfmackie  - 13:7

Surrey's mayor renews call for light rail, regional tolling strategy
 k8senkow  - 12:26

@VancityBuzz I used to, every day. The layout of Surrey can't change given its agricultural history. Light rail + community busses.
 WhatsForLunchBC  - 12:23

@whatsforlunchbc because that encourages the same suburban sprawl that got Surrey into this mess in the first place.
 VancityBuzz  - 12:20

@whatsforlunchbc nope you have to understand transit funding and current demands. Surrey needs to invest in more bus service first
 VancityBuzz  - 12:16

#Surrey wants rapid transit now! We tell them to hold on to their Ed Hardy caps and be patient. #UBCLine
 VancityBuzz  - 12:9

"The mayor was adamant Surrey needs light rail to prosper." No the mayor needs a slap in the face. LRT is not better than a skytrain
 apeckford  - 11:12

Surrey mayor pushes for light rail:
 BCRELinks  - 10:7

@MayorWatts as a Surrey resident and Transit Op I support your plans for Surrey and the 3 KRT lines
 Butch1949  - 9:49

Surrey's mayor renews call for light rail, regional tolling strategy via @zite
 reddoginlangley  - 8:5

#SurreyBC @mayorwatts renews call for #lightrail, regional tolling strategy #cdnpoli #transportation
 EsmirMilavic  - 8:0

Surrey's mayor renews call for light rail, regional tolling strategy @RichardGEarl
 RichardGEarl  - 4:58

Surrey mayor derails SkyTrain-expansion talk
 WhatsHotMedia  - 4:26


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