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Rapid transit studies: options for Surrey


A recent series of reports from Translink looking at different options has generated a flurry of excitement.

Besides the mainstream media various blogs have pontificated or remarked on the reports, often in more detail. I've listed a few below.


Read the reports yourself

Sometimes we depend too much on what other people tell us to think. There's nothing wrong with finding the reports and poking through them yourself, especially when they are well presented, as they are in this case.

Here are the source files (pdf reports) for the Surrey area. They're well worth looking at. (Right-click and select "save link as" to save the report locally).

Surrey RT Alt Analysis - Mar 2013 Findings Summary
one-page overview

Surrey RT Alt Analysis - Mar 2013 Findings
11-page report


13 options, three routes, four technologies

Really, there aren't 13 realistic options, but 13 are presented, and that's certainly more than the one or two you'll hear about in other media. It's the combination of different technologies that I find of the most interest.

The trick for Translink and the purse-holders will be to balance regional interests (ie, it's not just about Surrey. Apparently Broadway needs something too), costs and the fear of growth outstripping whatever is implemented.

There are three routes under discussion, all stemming from Central City:

  • Along 104 to Guildford
  • Down Fraser Highway to Langley
  • Down King George towards White Rock

The four technologies evaluated are:

  • Best bus (ie better bus service)
  • BRT (Bus Rapid Transit, sort of a bus-train hybrid with it's own lane)
  • LRT (Light Rail Transit, track on the street)
  • RRT (Rapid Rail Transit, ie Skytrain)


Sources and other discussion

Translink study, phase 2:


UDI (Urban Development Institute)

They also has the two documents per a March 5 breakfast: The Future of Transit Part 2 - Who Pays?


Gordon Price (Price Tags) post:


Civic Surrey's take, including some interesting commentary: 


A brief posting on Surreyside:


South Fraser blog's view:




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