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Olympic legacy housing opens in Surrey

Timber Grove Apartments front and centre. It's hard to believe these were converted from portables.


It's pretty quiet on the outside. 

Timber Grove Apartments doesn't have any signage on the outside. It doesn't look like an apartment building, more like some sort of government building. It has a pleasant post-modern "Whistler" feel with the external wooden details and multi-coloured panels. 

You'd never guess walking by that it's part of Olympics legacy program. It was built from modular dorm housing for athletes for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and is now for rental apartments for seniors and people with disabilities.

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An interesting conversation about transit priorities

Transit fracas on Twitter

I love a good debate! And there's nothing like transit to get people's blood boiling. That and tolls.

Mayor Watts' State-of-the-city address March 12, 2012 reiterated the call for light rail in Surrey. Here's a link to the Vancouver Sun article. In brief, the argument is buses aren't efficient enough.

Vancity Buzz, a sort of lifestyle blogazine, wrote a post March 14 called Morning Buzz: Surrey’s Unwarranted Transit Plea. The argument here was there were other priorities (ie the Broadway corridor), and Surrey should wait it's turn for major infrastructure. Here's the link to that piece.

Interestingly, both the Sun and Vancity Buzz used the same handout image. It's a nice shot, but says something about the paucity of images to illustrate abstract thought. 

Here are some of the tweets that ensued, in reverse chronological order. I'm assuming much of the conversation is missing. Tweets have to include the string "surrey". I've also included the tweets that linked to Watt's address for a bit of colour and context.

@VancityBuzz Far more buses running in Vancouver that run every 5 mins, while we in Surrey have to wait a MINIMUM of 20 between. Surrey 1st!
 MsLilDvl  - 22:58


#Surrey wants rapid transit now! We tell them to be patient. #UBCLine first then Surrey.
 VancityBuzz  - 22:15

@mostlydana @VancityBuzz I live in Surrey and would KILL for half of the transit of any other gvrd city...except Langley
 WhatsForLunchBC  - 19:45

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End of the line, or is it the beginning?

It's difficult to find a decent place close to amenities and transit. Here's someone who – perhaps inspired by the Occupy movement – is occupying a bit of bush next to King Creek. It's right across the street from King George skytrain station (minutes away!), so they can even get a seat during rush hour.

Close to amenities and nature

Public art: Lightmodal, a peculiar installation

 Lightmodal: Surrey's contribution to the Necklace Project

Here's art with no vision, goals, and probably no legacy.

I stole those headings from the Necklace Projects website (, which Lightmodal is the Surrey contribution. As I write this (December, 2011) there isn't yet a gallery page for this part of the project, which is "an inter-municipal collaboration for public art."

Each contribution is supposed to reveal an "inner light of each community." 


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