South of the Fraser

Surrey, Delta, White Rock and Langleys

Twitter search: Langley

What are people tweeting about Langley?

This widget searches for tweets for Langley, LangleyBC or Fort Langley. It's geo-coded to limit the search to 99 kilometers around from the centre of Whalley (the centre of the universe).

There are several Langleys throughout the world, so it would be nice if everyone used a more specific hash tag like #langleybc. Most people, though, tweet about subjects where the town (or city) is secondary, and so don't use hash tags at all. The challenge is to catch these items.



Info on South of the Fraser River: Surrey, Delta, White Rock, City of Langley, Township of Langley, Fort Langley. Maybe a bit of Abbotsford, just for fun.

This site is experimental. See About (top right) for more, or Blog for meta-information. The working goal is to create an almanac of items, tidbits of information and methods of gathering information.

Right now the site is biased to just south of the Fraser River, within the northern reaches of great City of Surrey, but there is some foraging further afield.

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