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Email newsletters and how to share them

City of Surrey email newslettersUPDATE:

I emailed the City and got a really quick response that the "view in your browser" is on its way real soon. Huzzah! I haven't changed my original text below, since the logic of thinking about how people can share content is still sound.



The City of Surrey has a number of email newsletters, 19 as of today.

It's a great way to disseminate information, but there's a flaw if you want to share them: it's very limited.

Traditionally -- as in the past few years -- emails will have a small "view this in your browser" option at the top of the email. The original purpose was to get around the dodgy html rendering of email clients like Outlook or even web-based clients. That used to be a real problem, and still is!

What's neat about that link is the web-based version of the newsletter is so easy to share through whatever web-based application you choose: Twitter, Facebook or even through email. Forwarding emails can often mess up the formatting, depending on your and your recipient's email client.

However the new email design has removed that little link. Now the only option is a "share the news" button that will forward it via email. I guess that's ok, as long as I want to forward from that email address and only want to email it.

I like the diversity of newsletters, but I miss having the options a web link gave me.

Here's the link to the City's email newsletter sign-up page:


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